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Santa Monica Real Estate Guide

Santa Monica, located at the edge of the Pacific Ocean, just west of Beverly Hills, between Pacific Palisades & Malibu to the north and LAX & Venice Beach to the South, at the west end of Interstate 10.

Santa Monica Community

Santa Monica, one of the most famous and popular beach cities in the America has become a favorite community of young and upcoming professionals due to its prime location on Los Angeles’ far west side.

Santa Monica Lifestyle

Santa Monica is an engaging town offering a lively atmosphere and lifestyle. In Santa Monica, homeowners enjoy a renovated downtown, trendy restaurants, unique shops on Main Street, beautiful parks overlooking the Pacific Ocean, festivals, eclectic boutiques, coffee shops, craft shops on Montana Avenue and streets lined with palm trees. Homeowners in Santa Monica are accustomed to the consummate living experience that defines Los Angeles.

The Third Street Promenade is an open air mall with well known stores, and a variety of street performers where resident and visitors from all over the Los Angeles area are gathered on weekends and most evenings.

Santa Monica Housing

Santa Monica offers home buyers a mixture of traditional and modern homes, on clean, well maintained streets lined with trees of every variety, and much more. Some apartments in Santa Monica have been converted of to condominiums. A large number of homes and buildings built on the bluffs come with Pacific Ocean views others provide views of Century City, the Santa Monica Mountains. Land prices are high and would discourage construction of new single-family housing.

Santa Monica Transportation

Interstate 10 is the only freeway actually in Santa Monica, however, nearby Interstate 405, offers homeowners access to north & south bound traffic.

Public transportation is also available to homeowners via the Big Blue Bus system which runs all throughout Santa Monica on frequent schedules with routes into downtown Los Angeles and other areas.

The Santa Monica Airport serves the area’s corporate and recreational aviation needs.

Santa Monica Culture

Santa Monica offers it’s homeowners a variety of music halls, museums, art galleries, and other cultural venues such as The Santa Monica Airport’s world class museum.

Santa Monica Recreation

Recreational opportunities abound in Santa Monica, such as surfing, boating, swimming, volleyball on it’s three miles of world class beaches and Pacific Ocean coastline and just about anything else you can think of doing.

You’ll always find homeowners and visitors out in the sun having fun on The Santa Monica Pier which also allows fishing. Adjacent to the pier is the twenty-six mile running and cycling path that runs along the beach from Malibu to the south through Redondo Beach, where homeowners are often seen walking, jogging, running, cycling, roller skating and roller blading.

The Santa Monica Airport offers restaurants, public observation decks, art studios and picnic areas against a background of aircraft activity that includes vintage aircraft.

Santa Monica Education

Served by the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District, Santa Monica’s children attend schools whose rankings are in the 60th to 90th percentiles.

Adult students find educational opportunities at one of the best Community Colleges in California, Santa Monica Community College, which ranks high in transfers to four year colleges and universities. Also close to Santa Monica are UCLA and USC. Santa Monica also offers a large regional library.

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Most Expensive Properties

Take a Walk through Most Expensive Properties on Earth

Designed by and professionally trained architects from all across the world, these most expensive, and obviously the finest, houses in the world are groomed with the finest luxuries that money can buy. These properties are held by the rich and famous top business magnates, mega investors, COO’s and CEO’s. While some of these mind-bowing structures have been around for years, others are comparatively new and revolutionizing the era of modern day castles.

Here, we take a quick walk through some of the world’s most expensive houses.

Duke Semans Mansion at 5th Avenue, Manhattan, New York

Valued at a whopping $44 million, and owned by Carlos Helu Slim who has a net worth of $73 billion, the Semans Mansion was purchased for $44 million in the year 2010. Recently, this lavish property was up for sales and had an $88 million price label to go with it. Overall, this French Renaissance interior ridden 8-story building, with gold-leaf trimmed frills and highlight ceilings, is certainly a sight to behold.

Kesington Palace Gardens in London, UK

Tagged at $72 million, this impressive property is owned by Tamara Ecclestone, the eldest daughter of Bernie Ecclestone, the Formula One Magnate with a net worth of $500 million. This house has 57-rooms and boasts of a bowling alley, beauty salon, pool, car lift, basement cinema and a dog spa.

The Manor at Holmby Hill, LA California

Priced at $85 million and owned by Petra Stunt, the daughter of Bernie Ecclestone, the owner of Formula One, The Manor or the Spelling manor as it is also called, was first listed at $150,000 in the market. It was eventually purchased by Petra for $85 million after two years of remaining unsold. The 56,000 sq ft mansion possesses 123 rooms and is considered to be among the largest properties in LA county. Along with a gift-wrapping room, bowling alley, gym, screening room, pool, tennis court, and a huge car garage, it has plenty of bedrooms and offices as well.

15 Central Park West Penthouse in New York

Valued at $88 million, this penthouse is under the ownership of Ekaterina Rybolovleva, the rich daughter of Dmitriy Rybolovleva, the Russian fertilizer tycoon. This property encompasses wrap around terrace, 10 rooms, 7 walk-in closets, and a well-staked library. Indeed, this most expensive house is a fine property, and is used by Ekaterina – college student – as her apartment in NY.

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Attorney For Real Estate

Real Estate Deals – Basic Guide for Beginners

If you are looking to purchase your first home, you should know real estate laws. It is reported that every state has its own particular laws and rules of real estate. If you have no information about real estate then it is wise to use service of real estate agent because he can help you in this process. Most of the real estate agents have broad information about real estate laws. They can also help you to prepare necessary documents. You can also perform a title search with the help of real estate agents.

Role of a real estate attorney:

The role of attorney for real estate is very critical because he helps to make secure contracts. There is no doubt; process of buying a house is very complicated because it includes lot of complications and problems. Paperwork or documentation is very important because a little mistake can ruin your whole investment. When you hire real estate agents you can avoid from such issues. The professionals are familiar with real estate deals and rules. They can also do negotiation with parties. They also have good relations with brokers, inspectors and mortgage agents. Therefore it is a good decision to hire real estate agents.

How to find Real Estate Lawyers in Wallingford CT:

Most of the sellers love to use their own agent. Hence you should not use the seller agent. Some lawyers or real estate agents represent dual agency or relationship. They tend to get benefit from both parties. Make sure that your own agent is not working for both parties. The role of agent is very important in paper work, transaction, real estate transfer and occupation. You can find real estate lawyers in Wallingford CT online with ease. Once you find a right real estate lawyer, it means that you have done your job.

More control over deals and transactions:

You should inform your agent or lawyer about your needs well. If your agent does not know your needs well, he cannot find a right real estate for you. When your agent starts the scouting of homes you must provide essential and complete information about your needs. The real estate lawyers Wallingford Connecticut can help you in home buying process. If you are not using the service of real estate agents then you should educate yourself and grab sufficient information about real estate laws and rules. It will help you a lot to find the appropriate deals.

Should I hire an attorney?

Should you hire a real estate agent or lawyer to buy a house? There is lot of reasons to use the service of real estate lawyers. The role of real estate agent and attorney is different from each other. The role of real estate agent is to find a right home for you. When the legal issues arise and your real estate agent fails to fix the issue then you will need to hire an attorney. If there is no complication then it is not necessary to hire lawyer or attorney.

Key reasons to hire Geoffrey T. Einhorn, LLC

There is lot of reasons to hire Geoffrey T. Einhorn, LLC for real estate Wallingford. They help in searching of real estates. They also help in paper work and documentation process. In case of any legal issue they can help you to fix the problem early. This real estate firm can offer you all types of services related to real estate. You can find your dream house within few days by sitting at your home. These are key reasons or factors to use the service of this real estate firm.

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